Medisoft Integrations


Two-Way Texting built into MacPractice

Our partner AutoRemind facilitates Two-way texting (Text2Way), which you can access directly from within MacPractice. Text2Way is an effective and convenient way to communicate with your patients. Arrange new appointments or reschedule existing ones easily. Send patients who authorize a short message about a balance due, appointment time delay, or send their lab result. The opportunities are endless! Text2Way saves you time and money, enhances customer satisfaction and sustains close relationships.

AutoRemind provides fully automated messaging to your patients via text, email as well as voice calls (most competing services do not offer this option)

Save staff time while improving patient communication - ALL built into MacPractice.

Complete Suite of Billing & Payment Services

Medisoft Online eBill
  • Send cost-saving paperless bills securely online through our site
  • Customize accepted payment methods and messages
  • Expedite online payments through
Practice Choice EHR Online ePay
  • Payers (patients or customers) pay you online at our site
  • Payers can send messages to you with their online ePay
  • ePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report
Training Print & Mail
  • Send professionally printed bills via USPS First-Class Mail
  • Customize accepted payment methods, messages, and color
  • Simplify processing with payment coupons and return envelopes
Training In OfficePay
  • Process walk-in, mail, and phone payments
  • Payers can see OfficePays online at
  • OfficePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

Integration with your Billing Application

BillFlash integration with your Billing Application further reduces the steps for you to complete your work.

While you can access all BillFlash Services through, your BillFlash Reseller will introduce the benefits of all available integration with your Billing Application.